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So here's the deal. I'm offering a subscription feature as a way to support my development and continued existence as an artist. What that means is that, using the Bandcamp app, you'll have access to all 14 of my releases over the last 6 years, covering a wide range of styles. Probably if you don't like accordion, you shouldn't sign up for this because nearly all of my releases feature the instrument pretty prominently. But there's some songwriting, some electronic/ambient, some avant-garde composition, some free improvisation.

The main subscriber content at the moment will be a consistent product - two 10~ minute solo improvisations per week, the best work from what is now a daily practice. These exist somewhere between technical exercises and pure expression - the point is not to simply set up and go for 10 minutes, but to challenge myself as an improviser to continue building a language.

Down the line, there will be other subscriber content, too - live performances most especially, songs/compositions that don't have a home anywhere else, and a few works in progress too.

All of which is to say, you'll have the best evidence of my growth as a musician, and a ridiculous amount of gratitude from me to boot.

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An Historic
New Haven
Matlock writes increasingly narrative and frenzied songs under the name An Historic, and dark ambient music under the alias G. Zarapanecko, and frequently writes and performs compositions under his own name solo or with
various partners or small ensembles. Matlock can also be seen performing with free improv trio Broadcloth and avant-traditionalists Dr. Caterwaul’s Cadre of
Clairvoyant Claptraps.

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