My Czerny

by An Historic



A brief demo of the types of things I hope to do under the name "An Historic."


released October 2, 2009

Adam Matlock - Accordion, Clarinet, Vocals, Keys, "Drums"
Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6 composed/written by Adam Matlock. Tracks 2 and 5, Public Domain.
Licensed thru Creative Commons for Spare the Falcon Records, 2009




An Historic New Haven

Matlock writes increasingly narrative and frenzied songs under the name An Historic, and dark ambient music under the alias G. Zarapanecko, and frequently writes and performs compositions under his own name solo or with
various partners or small ensembles. Matlock can also be seen performing with free improv trio Broadcloth and avant-traditionalists Dr. Caterwaul’s Cadre of
Clairvoyant Claptraps.
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Track Name: If
Four stools down you spill your drink on the man
he cries angry, runs at the streetlights
to demonstrate scorn, the bar stands in unison
the mood is tense I creep for the door
I just want you to take me away
but the hope's not enough
it's not enough

If we could hitchhike together
we'd get far, I swear we'd get far
to the north or the west, wherever the trucks go
we'll find others, make them drop everything
if you'd spilled your drink on me
but the hope's not enough
it's not enough

If this plan doesn't work, I'll take responsibility
buy us bus tickets home, or maybe we'll find a car
drive out to nowhere and hunt for our food
but I'm getting ahead, this is all presupposing
that I was the one that you spilled your drink on
but the hope's not enough
it takes a little more
the hope's not enough
it's not enough.
Track Name: Hindsight
Excuse Me, I'm still in this city
Ignored all the warnings
Instead thought that I'd sit here pretty
and cry to myself as I tried not to drown
It was a spell of bad planning,
I thought If I strapped in I'd easily manage to
wait out the worst of the storm that took the crown

It all went downhill from there
You'd better believe I was underprepared
for the sheer isolation you can't overcome
when your only friend is a gallon of rum
I tried to eat but instead I ignored it
I tried to sleep but got no reprieve for it
If I'd left to go somewhere welcome and warm
then it wouldn't be me and this storm

Swore that I'd never get stuck here again
but it's just a cycle
It's just a cycle
and now I'm falling in
Wrote my regrets upon my skin

but the lessons that you think you learn from the past
don't always sink in

It's been seven years, lost possessions
some frantic replacements and chronic obsessions
It was just a storm but it's one that I'll not soon forget
If I'd the chance to revisit
I'd follow the wise ones and leave while the going was good
no I wouldn't stay to get my feet wet

But it's easy now to look back
easier still not to cut yourself slack
when you find yourself at a fork in the road
and the path that you chose has eroded
These voices say nothing that I want to hear
but somehow they know just what I fear
I can drink one more glass, they'll continue to moan
I can get it together, or die here alone

Somehow I've found myself back here again
I know it's a cycle
it's just a cycle
but the walls are paper thin
to disengage would be a sin

But the gift of hindsight never benefits you when you need it
And a life can be forgotten if you can't see past your shroud (2x)
And the Lessons that you think you learn
Track Name: Briefest Eye
Can I Confide in you?
Loose Threads on all my seams
Tell all my troubles to you
if that is what you please
there's no need for concern
I will survive this phase
but all I have these days
is worry

About the War Machine
God and Guns and Government
the will that claims it's heaven-sent
and the victims on the television news
but if I choose
two channels down
there's actors paid never to frown

Ain't got it bad
this storm will pass
ain't got it bad
didn't finish last.

I'm sure my day will come
when I get my reward
I'm sure if I was drowning
I would get dragged aboard
I don't think I've been wronged
Don't feel I've been deceived
but for some good news I would be

Ain't got it bad
this storm will pass
ain't got it bad
didn't finish last...